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Permanent Cosmetics – A Great Way To Defy Age!

Permanent Cosmetics – A Great Way To Defy Age!

  • Thinning brow hair is a sign of aging and gives the illusion of the face dropping. Permanent Cosmetics can be applied to the eyebrow area in such a way that it looks as if more eyebrow hair is growing, framing and lifting the face. Having your eyebrows done is the most powerful way to achieve a younger more vibrant appearance.
  • Lip Liner and Full Lip Color can make shrinking lips look fuller and detract from lines around an aging mouth. It helps rebuild the rim of the lip giving a smoother edge to the lips.
  • As women get older their vision diminishes. This makes it hard for them to apply their eyeliner and brows. It can also give them a sense of helplessness. Permanent Eyeliner and brows restore confidence in older women who have always enjoyed the polished look that make up provides.
  • Enhanced self esteem comes with a more youthful appearance that the proper eyebrow shape, lash enhancement or eyeliner and lip color can provide.
  • Beautifully shaped, colored and arched brows can take 3-5 years off an aging face.
  • A more youthful appearance can help a person over 50 gain a competitive edge when dealing with the younger job market.
  • Brow arches open up the eye area and help an aging face look more alert and more youthful.
  • Those people who are now 50 or older are more active than their ancestors in sports and other activities. Permanent makeup allows a person to feel more confident when participating in activities that normally cause conventional makeup to sweat off.
  • Eyelash hair also thins with age. Permanent Eyeliner gives eyes the illusion of thicker lashes.
  • As people get older their mobility is hindered and it is more difficult to apply makeup in a precise manner. Permanent Cosmetics allow an older woman to feel assured that her makeup looks good and consistent all the time.
  • There are more single people over the age of 50 than ever before. This may be due to a recent divorce or the passing away of one’s spouse. Women over 50 who find themselves back in the “dating scene” may enjoy the youthful appearance and convenience that Permanent Cosmetics offer them.
  • Permanent Makeup is often recommended by plastic surgeons because it is the “icing on the cake” after he has performed a brow lift or a full face lift. Permanent Makeup services are the perfect completion to the new look of plastic surgery.