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Testimonials for Jaudon Sunde Permanent Cosmetics, Microblading, Scar Camouflage Expert in Middleburg Heights Cleveland, OH

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This is one of the best decisions I ever made and one of the best ways a woman can spend her money. It has taken 15 minutes off of my dressing time and I can sleep longer in the morning because I don’t have to stand there and put on my eyeliner, mess it up, remove it, and reapply it. The same goes for my eyebrows. I love it! I would recommend it to any woman.

Blanche McCure
Medical Office Manager, Cincinnati, Ohio

I feel more confident and self assured with my Permanent Cosmetics! I am ready at the drop of a hat for whatever comes my way. Jaudon was very knowledgeable and professional and quickly put me at ease during the entire process.

Ms. Angela Jackson
Cincinnati, Ohio

Jaudon – Thanks so much for sharing your God Given talent of creating and painting pretty faces. It was fun as well as an educational process. Thanks for being obedient to your calling.

Susanne Forbes Dicker
Real Estate Expert, Dallas, Texas

I had my eyebrows done a few months ago and I absolutely love them! It’s amazing how something so small can boost your confidence so dramatically. I appreciate Jaudon’s professionalism and personal care. I felt totally at ease and knew I was in good hands the entire time.

Mrs. Tabitha Candella
Hamilton, Ohio

Having my eyebrows done permanently was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Having very sparse brow hair, I no longer worry if they are on straight or if I have rubbed them off. Thank you Jaudon for making life a little easier.

Mrs. Faye Jackson
Optometrist Assistant, Trenton, Ohio

Thanks for giving me brows….I absolutely love them! I will forever get out of the shower, get out of bed, take a swim AND WILL HAVE EYEBROWS! I can’t express the JOY of always having brows on my face. Being 39 years old and I was never able to grow eyebrows…..and along comes Jaudon and now I have beautiful brows. Jaudon, you are a natural. Your artistic talent is a true blessing for me….Thank You….Thank You….Thank You….

Darlene Jarrell
Strongsville, Ohio

Jaudon – I would like to Thank You for all your professionalism and the for the quality work I received from using your services. I appreciate the care and detail you put into your work. Thank you for my ”Improvements”

Freedom Z
Cleveland, Ohio

Jaudon – In your unique way you have raised kindness to an art. I have not stopped giving thanks for my beautiful eyebrows. Most of all I enjoyed our conversation. Thank you for being my friend. With Love and many Blessings


Dear Jaudon,

I am very pleased with my “permanent makeup”! It’s the next best thing to the “breast reduction” that I had from Dr. Seballos!! You gave me eyebrows that I didn’t have anymore. You did a fantastic job on the eyeliner. The eyeliner is great for a person that can’t see very well without her glasses. I don’t miss poking myself in the eye with eyeliner. Finally, my lips look great with nothing on them or just a little lip gloss. I have had many compliments about my new look. My good friend, Mary, just saw it for the first time and said it looks phenomenal! I gave her your card and told her to give you a call.

You do great work!!!

Thanks so much


I had my eyeliner and eyebrows done a few weeks ago and I can’t begin to explain what a wonderful job Jaudon did with her technique of applying permanent cosmetics. She made me feel very at ease and it turned out absolutely beautiful. I’ve received so many compliments but even better than the compliments, I feel so much more confident with my looks. Jaudon is truly a remarkable artist and if anyone is thinking about having permanent cosmetics done, I would recommend her highly. Can’t wait to get my lips done in a couple of weeks.

Pat Carlucci
Broadview Heights, Ohio

Getting my eyebrows permanently done was the best decision that I ever made!!! They always look so perfect, with the perfect arch. It cuts down on my makeup time as well. Jaudon is a wonderful artist being able to do what she does so well. She is very patient and takes her time to do a superb job. I feel even more beautiful since I have new eyebrows and it is thanks to Jaudon.

Katherine V


I am writing to thank you for your professionalism and sense of beauty and artistry. I am completely pleased and thrilled with my permanent makeup. I feel poised and self-confident all the time knowing that I look my best. I love waking up to makeup! There is not a day that goes by that I don’t praise and bless you. I am looking forward to seeing you on Friday.

All the best to you, Jaudon.

Warm regards,


Alopecia is a disease that in my opinion affects the core of ones self esteem. Alopecia is an autoimmune disease that totally affects our physical appearance. As a child and woman fighting this disease for over 30years it has taken the biggest toll on my self esteem. As a child with no hair I was always the outcast. As a child I found comfort with the other outcasts and in academics..

Unfortunately, as I grew older the disease (Alopecia) devoured my eyebrows and most of my eyelashes. Alopecia had once again taken a toll on my self esteem and mental health. I would pencil my eyebrows every morning. However, they looked penciled and they looked different everyday. In the heat my penciled eyebrows and lash lines would smear and eventually ware off. I became faceless by the end of the day. I became so self conscious I was paranoid of my appearance. I would wake up to a faceless, hairless person every morning.

I hated myself and the way I looked. It was so hard to look myself in the eye let alone other people. So, I decided to invest in myself once again, because I am worth it! I was so fortunate to meet Jaudon She is the most talented Permanent Cosmetic Artist in the area. Jaudon’s gifted hands brought back my smile every morning when I look in the mirror. Jaudon made my face her masterpiece. The permanent eyebrows on my face that are so natural you can see hair’s growing. My eyebrows are three dimensional. Jaudon used several colors and strategically placed darker hair stokes in the brow line that no one could ever tell they are fake. She has the gift to blend the right colors to your hair and complexion so that my appearance is beautiful and natural. More importantly, they are permanent and will never run or smear. Jaudon has given me the gift of looking in mirror and enjoying the refection I see. I trust her ability so much that I had upper and lower eyelash lines competed recently. My eyes are beautiful. They have contour and depth even though I do not have many eyelashes left. I cannot express in words the difference it has made on my personal and professional life. The small investment I made in myself has given me courage and conviction, to face life with a smile everyday.


Dear Jaudon,

I LOVE IT – I LOVE IT – I LOVE IT! You did such a wonderful job on my eyes and eyebrows. What a HUGE difference. I am SO glad I made the decision to have permanent cosmetics done by you. You truly have an awesome talent!

Thank you so much Jaudon. I’m so happy!


Barbara Dill
Strongsville, OH

Hi Jaudon,

It’s Mary M. Just wanted to say thanks again for giving me a new look and helping me feel more confident of my looks. I have to admit that in the last 3 years I only looked at myself in the mirror when I woke up to get ready for work. Now, I am always catching myself in the mirror. It’s amazing how great it feels to wake up and look good before getting ready for work. I spend much less time with makeup now & in truth only put on eyeliner and mascara. I can’t wait to do my eyeliner to complete the look.

I have been telling my family and friends and anyone that would listen about permanent makeup and how good your work is.

Thanks again.

Mary M